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Monoxivent offers a number of hose types to fit a vast array of applications.

The hose types include: two types of metal interlocking hose (Series 1000/2000), no crush (Series 3000), high-temperature vehicle exhaust hose (Series 4000), medium-temperature (Series 5000), welding/flame retardant (Series 6000), and high-temperature (Series 7000).

Please visit the links below to learn more about these products or contact us directly for custom applications.


Quick Guide for Most Common Vehicle Exhaust Hose Temperature Ratings:

Hose Type, Technical Data Description Color Temperature Rating, Intermittent Use Temperature Rating, Continuous Duty
3000 Series No Crush (Underfloor Systems) Hose Black --- 600-degrees F
4000 Series High Temperature Vehicle Exhaust Hose Orange 1250-degrees F 600-degrees F
5000 Series Medium Temperature Vehicle Exhaust Hose Red, Black 550-degrees F 350-degrees F

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