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Underground Exhaust

Underground Exhaust Systems are offered in either a self-storing or plug-in configuration with ductwork underground.

The self-storing systems have the "flex drops" stored under the floor in the ductwork. In the plug-in configuration the flex hose simply plugs into the floor outlet; and the flex drops are stored, above ground, on hangers.

Featuring single or dual outlets and the option of self-storing (most common) or plug-in style.

Self-contained hose assembly; Lay-flat door, flush with shop floor in open position; Eliminates need for hose drops from the shop ceiling; 3000 Series Hose features heavy convolutions and is no-crush neoprene type hose

Auto Dealerships, Motorcycle Shops, Light/Heavy Equipment Repair, Garage Settings, Anywhere an Overhead System is not practical

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Photos: 23819 Underfloor System with No Crush 3000 Series Hose; Installation of Exhaust Assembly (with UnderDuct VE FRP product); 23819 Installed in service bay

Now Available - Related Product from Monoxivent: UnderDuct-VE

UnderDuct-VE is a corrosion resistant underfloor exhaust duct and is rated to 325-degrees F. The duct does not need concrete encasement. The duct's smooth bore allows for more efficient airflow and less pressure drop. Click logo, below, to learn more! 877-608-4383

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